Privately funded prosecutor pursues drug cases in Altoona with bad informant.   By Rich Lord / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ALTOONA, Pa. — Ryan Scott Eger was a reluctant informant in a town where business pays a premium for the prosecution of pushers. Last year his life as a deliveryman and father dissolved into heroin addiction. A fellow addict approached him with $100. Eger went off and scored four packets of the drug, gave three to his friend and kept one. Eger’s friend, it turned out, was a police informant. Based on the $100 deal, police charged Eger with drug dealing. Police told him he could stay out of jail if he, like his friend, did “controlled buys” of drugs while under surveillance. “I could use drugs. They wouldn’t arrest me,” the 33-year-old Altoona man said in an interview in the Blair County Prison. “I could tell on whoever I wanted,” and police paid $40 per buy. Previous stories in [more]

Firearm Reciprocity

Firearm Reciprocity Do you know where you have firearm reciprocity? Are there exceptions to carrying a firearm without a Pennsylvania License to Carry? A:       License to Carry Firearms is issued to carry a firearm concealed on one’s person or in a vehicle within this Commonwealth. Any person who carries a firearm concealed on or about his person except in his place of abode or fixed place of business without a valid and lawfully issued license commits a felony of the third degree. A person who is otherwise eligible to possess a valid license under this chapter but carries a firearm in any vehicle or any person who carries a firearm concealed on or about his person, except in his place of abode or fixed place of business, without a valid and lawfully issued license and has not committed any other criminal violation commits a misdemeanor of the first degree. Click Here to see more. 18 [more]

DUI and Firearms. You better not try and buy a firearm after a DUI.

DUI and Firearms.  You better not try and buy a firearm after a DUI.Have a DUI and try to buy a gun in PA? You might get in even more trouble IF YOU HAVE BEEN CHARGED WITH FALSIFYING A FEDERAL OR STATE FIREARM APPLICATION AFTER A DUI, PLEASE CONTACT TO DISCUSS YOUR OPTIONS.  You cannot legally purchase a firearm in Pennsylvania if... You have been convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year You are under indictment for a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year You are a fugitive You are an “unlawful user of” or addicted to controlled substance You have been found mentally defective or committed to a mental institution You are an illegal alien or admitted to the U.S. under a non-immigrant status You have been dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Armed Forces You have renounced your U.S. citizenship You have a court order that restrained you from harassing, stalking or threatening an intimate partner or child of [more]

Ferrante Trial Continues

Ferrante Trial Continues"I'm not so sure that they've proven this case," said attorney Steve Townsend, who is not involved in Ferrante's trial and is providing legal analysis for WTAE. "This is the sort of case where everyone feels like he did it, but can the commonwealth prove it? And do I think they've done enough in this case? That's a tough call. It really is. I think the defense has an uphill battle coming for them next week, but I'm not sure right now that the jury is convinced." Cyanide Poisoning Trial Day 7: Testimony includes husband-wife email, medical analysis Dr. Robert Ferrante charged with homicide, accused of poisoning Dr. Autumn Klein; Follow #FerranteTrial on Twitter for updates PITTSBURGH —A man with whom the prosecution says Dr. Robert Ferrante suspected his wife was cheating on him was called as a witness Friday in the seventh day of Ferrante's homicide trial. Also on Friday, an email was [more]

Local Doctor is Not Guilty - Prescription Drug Conspiracy

Local Doctor is Not Guilty - Prescription Drug ConspiracyDoctor found not guilty of illegally prescribing medication Pittsburgh Post-Gazette   A doctor who was charged with illegally prescribing medication to a staff member out of an East Liberty women's clinic was found not guilty on all counts Wednesday. John P. Barrett, 42, of Mt. Lebanon was charged in March with three counts, including selling a controlled substance, illegally dispensing and illegally administering a controlled substance. According to the criminal complaint, the Allegheny Women's Center, at 121 N. Highland Ave., which has since closed, was receiving large quantities of Diethylpropion, an obesity medication. There were approximately 20,000 pills unaccounted for over a four-year period from the clinic. Investigators said they found the medicine was being used by Mark Wagner, a lab tech, who took it to treat anxiety and depression. But prosecutors said Mr. Wagner was not a patient of Dr. Barrett, the clinic's director, or Dr. Alton Lawson, and that the man's psychiatrist was not [more]

Release of Lease - Are you entitlted to a release?

Release of Lease - Are you entitlted to a release?Obtaining a Release of Lease from the oil and gas industry has been a very tedious process. If you need advice, please give us a call to discuss your particular circumstances.   What happens if you believe that your lease is either expired or terminated.  Whether you believe that no production has occurred, haven't been paid your upfront bonus or delay rentals, or any number of other reasons you can now force the oil and gas company to take action.  The Governor is expected to sign legislation that will assist landowners in obtaining a Release of Lease if the landowner initiates the process. House Bill No. 401 was introduced in January 2013 and has had may opportunities to become law.  The last revisions were made on June 27, 2014 and has been passed by both the House and Senate.  The Bill is in on the Governor's desk for signature.  We will keep you advised [more]

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