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Google Search as Gay Marriage – Get the Rainbow Surpirise

Google Search as Gay Marriage – Get the Rainbow SurpiriseGoogle is celebrating the announcement made by the Supreme Court on Friday i.e., on June 26 for the legalization of same-gender marriage across the United States. It is not astonishing that Google is supporting gay marriage spychecker.com. In the year 2012, the Search Giant, Google has launched a campaign that says, “Legalize Love” so as to conflict with the anti-gay laws and also opposed California bill publicly in 2011that is trying to ban gay marriage in the State. Now, Google is celebrating the joyful moment by giving a surprise in the Google Search Engine. Google’s Rainbow Surprise – Supports “Gay Marriage” As part of celebrating the gay marriage ruling that has been legalized by the U.S. Supreme court, Google has given a surprise in its Search Engine. Visit the Google Home page. Type “Gay Marriage” or “Same-Sex Marriage” into the search engine. You’ll see a string of cartoon couples holding hands across the top of [more]

Pittsburgh DUI Attorney

Pittsburgh DUI AttorneyPittsburgh DUI Attorney Call on the Pittsburgh DUI Attorney, Steven C. Townsend if you've been charged with a DUI or other crime. Since the Birchfield decision ruled that BAC results are not admissible without a warrant, District Attorneys are still trying to move forward with DUI cases on the general impairment charge. Don't fall victim to the pressure to plead guilty. There are many defenses to general impairment cases and you should contact Eddy DeLuca Gravina & Townsend to discuss your options before making your decision. You can lose your license, your job, and lose your right to carry a firearm. Commonwealth v. Dragoslovich   Driver is pulled over for an alleged firearms violation and subsequently arrested for DUI based on the smell of alcohol and failed field sobriety tests. Result: Not Guilty Consequences that can flow from a DUI arrest and prosecution include: loss of your driver’s license, heavy fines, court costs and extensive administrative [more]

St. Jude Recall - Defibrillator

St. Jude Recall - DefibrillatorSt. Jude Recall  Notice regarding the St. Jude Recall.  If you have one of these devices or know of anyone with one of these defective devices, please give our office a call immediately for a Free Consultation.  To date, of the 398,740 affected devices sold worldwide, 841 were returned for analysis due to premature battery depletion caused by lithium clusters. 2 deaths (1 in the U.S.), have been associated with devices that could not provide needed shock therapy due to premature battery depletion. 10 patients (9 in the U.S.), have reported fainting from devices that could not provide needed pacing therapy due to premature battery depletion. 37 patients (30 in the U.S.), have reported dizziness from devices that could not provide needed pacing therapy due to premature battery depletion. st-jude-recall   This is not the first St. Jude recall. St. Jude Medical Recalls Optisure Dual Coil Defibrillation Leads Due to Damage that May Prevent Patient Therapy   Recalled [more]

Pittsburgh Attorney Defends Sex Assault

Pittsburgh Attorney Defends Sex Assaulthttp://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2016/10/07/teens-testify-against-former-beaver-co-coach-accused-of-sex-assault/ http://www.wpxi.com/news/coach-accused-of-raping-teen-girls-headed-to-trial/454713702 After the hearing, defense attorney Steven Townsend said he thought the teens’ testimony was “suspect” and “inconsistent.” “I think there’s a lot of holes that need to be closed,” Mr. Townsend said, raising the question of why the girls continued to have sex with Mr. Ruprecht if he was forcing them to have sex with others or hurting one of them. Mr. Townsend also noted that the two testified that they willingly had intercourse with Mr. Ruprecht. “A lot of it just doesn't make sense to me,” Mr. Townsend said. __________________________________ Sex Assault cases are normally won or lost based based on the testimony at the Preliminary Hearing.  Over my many years of defending sex cases, I have been contacted by defendants who either waived their right to a  Preliminary Hearing or had ineffective representation. showbox download The questions are:  What can I do now?  Why did my attorney waive the Preliminary Hearing?  How can [more]

Forensic Evidence – Is it reliable?

Forensic Evidence – Is it reliable?   Generally one may think that the criminal cases are often won or lost based on what forensic evidence is presented to jurors. However, this article reveals that even forensic evidence can be fallible. The reality is that not all forensic scientific evidence is backed up with rigorous scientific research. Throughout the article you will see how different types of forensic evidence made its way into the courtroom. It discusses the reliance by the prosecutors, FBI and the defense. What is interesting about the chronological studies is the way that science has evolved in order to form a more “exact” science as used in the courtroom. I encourage you to read how the forensic evidence was first used and how it is being used today. Evidence refers to information or objects that may be admitted into court for judges and juries to consider when hearing a case. Evidence can come from varied sources [more]

Rape Kits - How important are they?

Rape Kits - How important are they?Rape Kits – How important are they?   By Steven C. Townsend I recently won a rape/sex assault trial where DNA was a crucial piece of evidence obtained by a rape kit. How significant was the evidence? The DNA extracted from the rape kit showed that my client was excluded from the profiles obtained. What is so disturbing is what happened during the trial.   On cross-examination of the lead detective, I asked if he ever submitted the rape kit and the other samples for testing. He agreed that he requested the rape kit and submitted it for testing but amazingly said he never reviewed the results.  How important or significant was this evidence? Apparently, it was not significant enough for the detective to review the final analysis of the rape kit. He testified that he had no idea what the results of the rape kit showed or the DNA testing.lucky patcher apk This is [more]

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