Automobile Accidents

Automobile Accidents    Pittsburgh Automobile Accidents Lawyers Hundreds of people get injured or killed in car accidents each year. These accidents will likely leave a lasting effect on the lives of people and their families for years to come. THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE IN PENNSYLVANIA By Thomas Gravina AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE IN PENNSYLVANIA First and Foremost: “Limited Tort" Option: Pennsylvania has adopted the “Limited Tort” Option. This Option limits your right and the right of members of your household to seek financial compensation for injuries caused by other drivers. Under the Limited Tort form of insurance your recovery for injuries sustained by yourself or other household members is severely limited. Although you may seek recovery for all medical and other out-of-pocket expenses, you may not sue for pain and suffering or other non-monetary damages with some exceptions. You or other members of your household may only sue for pain and suffering if your injuries fall within the definition [more]

The state knows where medical errors are harming patients. But it won’t tell you.

The state knows where medical errors are harming patients. But it won’t tell you.   Last year, 253 people in Pennsylvania died under circumstances for which a medical professional may have been responsible.   The state knows where these deaths happens — which hospitals, care homes and other medical facilities — but it doesn’t allow you to know.   The agency tasked with keeping data on medical errors and related issues in the the state is the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority. It collects hundreds of thousands of reports a year from designated safety officers of medical facilities.   Ninety-seven percent of the roughly 239,000 incidents recorded in 2015 were “near misses,” lapses in safety protocol that were noticed, but did not harm a patient.   More than 7,700 reports recounted “serious events,” in which a patient was harmed. More than half of these cases were complications related to procedures, treatments and tests. Medication error, adverse drug reactions and patient falls, among other issues, made up the rest.   If you want to find out how [more]

Survivalist gets probation for 8 Molotov cocktails

Survivalist gets probation for 8 Molotov cocktails Molotov Cocktail A Collier man claiming to be part of a New York survivalist group pleaded guilty Wednesday to possessing eight Molotov cocktails in his home last December. Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Edward J. Borkowski sentenced Jacob Leo Phillips IV, 24, to five months of probation. Collier police joined agents from the ATF and FBI in serving a search warrant Dec. 8 on Phillips' home, where they found the eight homemade fire bombs, according to the criminal complaint against Phillips. The complaint said Phillips and his landlord said they were both members of the New York-based Minutemen Militia, though criminal defense attorney Steven Townsend said it was actually the “Watchmen,” which was more of a survivalist group than a militia. “It's not a proactive organization, more of a reactive one ... He was in the infancy stages, just getting his feet wet with this group,” Townsend said. “He's now severed all ties.” The only training [more]

Supreme Court Strikes Down Strict Texas Abortion Law

Supreme Court Strikes Down Strict Texas Abortion Law Strict Abortion Law Stricken By: Pete Williams The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday struck down one of the nation's toughest restrictions on abortion, a Texas law that women's groups said would have forced more than three-quarters of the state's clinics to shut down. The decision was 5-3. Passed in 2013, the law said clinics providing abortion services must meet the same building standards as ambulatory surgical centers. And it required doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. Since the law was passed, the number of clinics providing abortion services in Texas dropped to 19 from 42. Opponents said that number would fall to ten if the Supreme Court upheld the law. The Center for Reproductive Rights called the law "an absolute sham," arguing that abortion patients rarely require hospitalization and that many patients simply take two pills. Abortion Rights Advocate: 'Women Across America Constitutional Rights Vindicated'  Justice Stephen G. Breyer in writing the majority opinion [more]

You and the Police

You and the Police You and the Police Please view more to review this FREE Brochure. What are your responsibilities and rights when dealing with the police?  How should you interact with the police?  What happens if you are pulled over or are requested to consent to a search by [more]

Police: Use of Excessive Force

Police: Use of Excessive ForceAnother example of using Excessive Force Pittsburgh police sergeant seen in controversial Heinz Field arrest video fired   The city has fired Pittsburgh police Sgt. Stephen Matakovich, who was suspended after the violent arrest of an allegedly intoxicated man during the WPIAL football championships at Heinz Field. Wednesday, Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich upheld an earlier decision by Police Chief Cameron McLay that Matakovich had appealed.   Matakovich is out of his job, but he has one last avenue to try to win it back. VIDEO: Watch Bob Mayo's report "We have faith in both Sgt Matakovich's criminal defense attorneys as well as the criminal justice system. The FOP will continue the internal process, which is arbitration at this point," police union local President Howard McQuillan told Pittsburgh's Action News 4.   Attorney Bryan Campbell, who represents the FOP, believes the union can win back Matakovich's job.   "He wants to remain on the department. He's been on the department for a [more]

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