The Civil Case is Still Alive After Ford Found Not Guilty

The Civil Case is Still Alive After Ford Found Not GuiltyDA's decision on retrial of man shot by police overshadows civil lawsuit   Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. will play a key role in whether Leon Ford gets a chance at millions of dollars from a civil lawsuit against Pittsburgh before a federal jury even hears the facts of the case, legal experts said on Tuesday. An Allegheny County jury on Monday acquitted Ford, 21, of Shaler of aggravated assault and deadlocked on five other counts related to a November 2012 traffic stop in Highland Park. He remains charged with recklessly endangering another person, resisting arrest and escape. Zappala has until Sept. 26 to tell Common Pleas Judge Donald E. Machen whether his office will retry Ford on those charges. “If the DA decides not to pursue the charges, it's a win for the defense,” Downtown lawyer Steven Townsend said. “The city might as well open its checkbook.” If Zappala pursues and Ford [more]

Security Guard, John Carter - Found "Not Guilty"

Security Guard, John Carter - Found Guard, John Carter, not guilty in Pittsburgh shooting Three-day trial ends in mixed views about verdict By Paula Reed Ward / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette A Verona se­cu­rity guard charged with ag­gra­vated as­sault af­ter shoot­ing a man ac­cused of steal­ing from a de­liv­ery truck in Home­wood was found not guilty Wed­nes­day. John Carter, 54, tes­ti­fied on his own be­half dur­ing the three-day trial be­fore Com­mon Pleas Judge Joseph K. Wil­liams III. The jury only de­lib­er­ated about 30 min­utes be­fore re­turn­ing its ver­dict. De­fense at­tor­ney Steven Townsend said his cli­ent should never have been charged. “I have no idea why they pur­sued a case like this,” he said. “It was clear from state­ments, wit­ness ac­counts and the video — John Carter was de­fend­ing him­self af­ter be­ing robbed.” But Dis­trict At­tor­ney Ste­phen A. Zap­pala Jr. said if the same cir­cum­stances were pre­sented to him again, charges would again be filed. Mr. Carter was charged with shoot­ing Edward Brown Jr. on Oct. 2 as [more]


WHY IS THE SUSPECT SHOT IN THE BACK?Finally, Hard Data on How a Fast the Suspct Can Be in the 11 Difference Shooting Scenarios By: Bill Lewinski, Ph.D. Shot in the Back We have always known that generally action beats reaction.  And, we’ve been able to demonstrate this in a variety of civilian and law enforcement situations.  Since the invention of the shot timer, we’ve known how quickly officers can react in shooting situations.  Now, for the first time, we have accurate, sophisticated measurements on how quickly the suspect in the street can actually do what they do in 11 different kinds of shooting scenarios.  Some of you may find the results depressing, for this research proves that in the street, action really does beat reaction.  For others, it will provide a clear explanation for problems, such as why so many suspects get shot in the back.  Readers should find the results of this study truly amazing – the implications [more]

Homewood is the most dangerous neighborhood in Pittsburgh

Homewood is the most dangerous neighborhood in Pittsburgh After you read this article and look at the report, do you agree that Homewood is the most dangerous neighborhood in the city of Pittsburgh?  Would you feel safe in this part of the city during the day or night?  This report demonstrates why the business tax base is almost non-existent and why people do not visit this part of the city. By Steven C. Townsend Channel 11 investigates the most dangerous neighborhoods PITTSBURGH — Donna Williams coordinates a neighborhood watch in Carrick. According to a recent FBI crime report, Carrick had the most burglaries in Pittsburgh last year -- 122. She has a message for the bad guys. "If you are out there, be careful -- you may be spotted and not even know it," she said. Channel 11's Dave Bondy spent hours crunching the numbers in the 130-page government report. The report shows that overall crime in the city was up only a small percentage in [more]

Pittsburgh - Lyft & Uber get a much deserved win

Pittsburgh - Lyft & Uber get a much deserved winPUC approves emergency applications for Lyft, Uber to operate in Allegheny County July 24, 2014 10:52 AM By Kim Lyons / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette HARRISBURG -- The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission this morning approved emergency applications for ride-share companies Lyft and Uber to operate in Allegheny County. The vote by the five commissioners was unanimous. The agency's Bureau of Technical Utility Services recommended approving the applications, even though the PUC's Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement had previously recommended denial. A panel of administrative law judges with the PUC issued a cease-and-desist order for both companies July 1, but neither was deterred. Despite proposed fines of $1,000 per day and citations and fines against individual drivers, the companies have continued to operate. Both companies have formal applications to begin experimental service in Pennsylvania which are still [more]

Drug Overdose Bill Passes

Drug Overdose Bill PassesDrug Overdose Immunity Bill Passes Pa. Senate Finally drug users who overdose have a fighting chance to live.  It was almost a given that if a person overdosed with another drug user that they would not receive medical attention for fear of prosecution.  Now, that fear and jeopardy is gone.  With the passage of this Drug Overdose Immunity Bill, many lives will be saved.   Pennsylvania State Senators unanimously passed a bill to offer immunity to drug users who call 911 when someone is having an overdose. The Pa. Senate voted 50-0 to pass Senate Bill 1164, known as a Good Samaritan drug overdose law, during their session in Harrisburg, Pa. on Tuesday. The bill, would amend the state’s controlled substance law, to offer drug users immunity from prosecution for certain drug crimes when they call for help when a person they are with experiences a drug overdose. To receive immunity, a person must call [more]

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