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2 charged with providing heroin that killed Delmont man

I turned Mr. Paul in on these charges, and based on the facts that I have been presented, the Commonwealth is overreaching on this case. Steven Townsend By Richard Gazarik and Renatta Signorini Published: Tuesday, April 29, 2014, 4:06 p.m. Updated 6 hours ago Two people were arrested on Tuesday on charges of providing the heroin […]

Pennsylvania Politics Continues To Trump Health And The Environment

Walter Brasch, recipient of the Pennsylvania Press Club’s lifetime achievement award, is a syndicated columnist, author of 17 books, former newspaper and magazine reporter and editor, and professor emeritus of mass communications. His current book is the critically acclaimed novel Before the First Snow, which discusses health and welfare issues in energy exploration. His next book is about health, environment, and political corruption associated with the natural gas industry

Governor Corbett Signs Justice Reinvestment; Other Law Enforcement Bills

Senate Bill 941–Increases fines for public drunkenness and underage drinking. The bill also makes it a summary offense if a person less than 21 years, attempts to purchase, purchases, consumes, possesses or knowingly and intentionally transports alcoholic beverages. Currently a summary offense carries a fine of not more than $300 unless otherwise provided and this legislation increases it to $500 for the first offense and $1,000 for second and subsequent offenses.

Self Defense – Security Guard Appears In Court After Shooting Robbery Suspect

“I believe that he’s innocent. I don’t believe that he committed a crime and I believe that that will come out in the end. Unfortunately, he’s left in the situation where he’s probably going to have to take this case to trial,” Townsend said.

Carter remains free on bond and continues to work as an armed security guard.

The Conscience and Culture of a Prosecutor New York City Bar Association

These are the values I learned in the DA’s office more than a generation ago; the values I sought in a prosecutor’s office when I represented a criminal defendant; the values I believe we all share as stewards of the criminal justice system; and the values that I hope to carry with me in the office as I go forward as the District Attorney.

“Our growth is the result of a deliberate strategy to meet our clients’ need for coordinated, high-quality legal representation in a changing economy.” Our success has been the result of:

A constant, unrelenting focus on the needs of our clients.
A belief in the strength of a team-based approach to the delivery of our services.
A commitment to excellence and to constantly seeking better ways to serve our clients. An atmosphere that fosters creative and innovative thinking.