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High Speed Chase, Shots Fired, No Excessive Force?

A High Speed Chase with Shots Fired is not Excessive Force? Donald Rickard led police officers on a high-speed car chase that came to a temporary halt when Rickard spun out into a parking lot. Rickard resumed maneuvering his car, and as he continued to use the accelerator even though his bumper was flush against […]

Combined Drug Toxicity – U. S. Supreme Court

Combined Drug Toxicity and the Supreme Court Our Supreme Court has held the language of a federal sentencing guideline enhancement, which is identical to the Pennsylvania statute, requires a “but for” analysis in order to apply the guideline.  This means that the drug delivered must be the actual and only cause of death, not a […]

Quick Facts – Drug Charges

Drug Charges – Quick Facts: Number of Americans incarcerated in 2012 in federal, state and local prisons and jails: 2,228,400 or 1 in every 108 adults, the highest incarceration rate in the world. Tax revenue that drug legalization would yield annually, if currently-illegal drugs were taxed at rates comparable to those on alcohol and tobacco: […]

Franklin Regional High School Hero

Now this is a great Franklin Regional story.  I recently had a conversation with a colleague of mine and we we discussing the type of young men and women who are joining our armed services.  As a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney, I have seen a lot of less than stellar candidates join or attempt to […]

Defendant in W.Va. fatal heroin death to get sentence reduced

Heroin Death by Overdose.  The Defendant will get a new sentence. Torsten Ove: A U.S. Supreme Court decision that struck down a 1980s-era weapon in the war on drugs means a West Virginia man likely will see his pending 12-year prison sentence cut in half. Justin Withers, 29, admitted that he supplied heroin to […]

Man fatally shot outside Art House in Homewood

By Karen Kane / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Just feet from where the chubby fingers of young, budding artists spill paint at a neighborhood art center in Homewood, blood was spilled Sunday morning. Jeffrey P. Jackson, 38, of Verona was fatally shot shortly before 5:10 a.m. just outside the Art House center at 7743 Hamilton Ave., near […]

Mortgage Fraud – 2 lawyers among 6 charged in $30M mortgage fraud conspiracy

Mortgage Fraud in the White Collar criminal division of the US Attorney’s Office is one of the busiest divisions and has been for the last several years.  No one is immune from prosecution, except maybe the banks. Posted May 6, 2014 1:50 PM CDT By Martha Neil Two lawyers are among six defendants federally charged […]

Supreme Court ruling favors prayer at council meeting

By The Associated Press Published: Monday, May 5, 2014, 12:42 p.m. Updated 2 hours ago WASHINGTON — Prayers that open town council meetings do not violate the Constitution even if they routinely stress Christianity, a divided Supreme Court ruled Monday. The court said in 5-4 decision that the content of the prayers is not significant as […]

Four Amendments: Supreme Court Amends Four Federal Rules of Evidence

By Evidence ProfBlogger Share The Supreme Court has approved four amendments to the Federal Rules of Evidence that will take effect on December 1, 2014 unless Congress takes another action. The Rules altered? Federal Rule of Evidence 801(d)(1)(B) and Federal Rules of Evidence 803(6), (7), and (8). Federal Rule of Evidence 801(d)(1)(B) currently provides that a statement is not hearsay if […]

Divided Pa. Supreme Court OKs warrantless searches of cars

As of this week, police in Pennsylvania no longer have to secure a warrant to search your car. A sharply-split state Supreme Court ensured that by ruling Tuesday that Pennsylvania will henceforth follow federal law that requires only that police officers have probable cause before searching vehicles. Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice Seamus P. McCaffery. Read […]

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