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Local Doctor is Not Guilty – Prescription Drug Conspiracy

Doctor found not guilty of illegally prescribing medication Pittsburgh Post-Gazette AppsMight – Best Android Apps World   A doctor who was charged with illegally prescribing medication to a staff member out of an East Liberty women’s clinic was found not guilty on all counts Wednesday. John P. Barrett, 42, of Mt. Lebanon was charged in […]

Release of Lease – Are you entitlted to a release?

Obtaining a Release of Lease from the oil and gas industry has been a very tedious process. If you need advice, please give us a call to discuss your particular circumstances.  Trace Mobile Number What happens if you believe that your lease is either expired or terminated.  Whether you believe that no production has occurred, […]

Ineffective Assistance Waivers- No More

New DOJ policy bans waiver of potential ineffective-assistance claims against defense counsel – No More Ineffective Assistance Waivers. In a new policy announced Tuesday that is effective immediately, the U.S. Department of Justice says an individual who takes a plea cannot waive a potential ineffective assistance claim against his or her legal counsel by doing […]

Underage Drinking

How an Underage Drinking charge can affect your record? In Pennsylvania, a charge of Underage Drinking can be located on a public government database.  When a student is charged with Underage Drinking, the citation and hearing is filed and heard before a Magisterial District Court in Pittsburgh.  Unable to connect to Nvidia The particular docket […]

“Our growth is the result of a deliberate strategy to meet our clients’ need for coordinated, high-quality legal representation in a changing economy.” Our success has been the result of:

A constant, unrelenting focus on the needs of our clients.
A belief in the strength of a team-based approach to the delivery of our services.
A commitment to excellence and to constantly seeking better ways to serve our clients. An atmosphere that fosters creative and innovative thinking.