Google Search as Gay Marriage – Get the Rainbow Surpirise

Google is celebrating the announcement made by the Supreme Court on Friday i.e., on June 26 for the legalization of same-gender marriage across the United States. It is not astonishing that Google is supporting gay marriage In the year 2012, the Search Giant, Google has launched a campaign that says, “Legalize Love” so as to conflict with the anti-gay laws and also opposed California bill publicly in 2011that is trying to ban gay marriage in the State. Now, Google is celebrating the joyful moment by giving a surprise in the Google Search Engine.

Google’s Rainbow Surprise – Supports “Gay Marriage”

As part of celebrating the gay marriage ruling that has been legalized by the U.S. Supreme court, Google has given a surprise in its Search Engine.

Visit the Google Home page.
Type “Gay Marriage” or “Same-Sex Marriage” into the search engine.
You’ll see a string of cartoon couples holding hands across the top of the screen with rainbow colors that represent the gay pride flag.
You can also see a rainbow heart at the top left corner of the screen that indicates Google is supporting Gay Marriage.
The representation regarding the Gay Marriage ruling has been appeared on the Google Search Engine within few minutes after the Supreme Court justices, in a 5-4 ruling, struck down gay marriage bans as unconstitutional. Supreme Court has passed a ruling, now all the states are required in order to authorise a marriage between two people of the same gender.

Google Search Engine-Rainbow surprise

Google, the popular search engine also used also used Google Photos to mark the day as the most remarkable day by featuring a number of photos of people across the U.S celebrating the Same-Sex marriage or gay marriage ruling. Not only Google, but also many other tech companies are supporting the gay rights.

States Supporing Gay marriage

Google has been a supporter of gay rights since 2014 in addition to take part in pride matches across the world and the company has also launched a live streaming of the New York City Pride March in the year 2014.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has tweeted as follows:

Apple CEO tweets- Gay marriage
One of the most popular Social Networking site, Facebook also added a new tool that allows the users superimpose a rainbow filter over their profile pictures. Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg has changed his own profile photo indicates his support towards the Gay Marriage. It is for the first time that, Facebook has rolled out a new tool to shoe its support. Many other users from various states have uploaded rainbow flags as their avatars in the past to represent same-sex marriage legalizations.

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