White Collar

White Collar Crime


The sooner you have competent counsel involved, the better position you will be in if and when formal charges are filed.  Speaking to the police or other federal agents without counsel on your side is one of the biggest mistakes people make.  If you have been asked to speak to the authorities and/or told you don’t need an attorney because you either have nothing to hide or it will get worse if you “lawyer up”, don’t be fooled; whether you believe that you haven’t done anything wrong or not don’t go alone.  Call us for a free consultation before you make a mistake you cannot fix.

Bank Fraud, Mortgage Fraud & Real Estate Fraud, Tax Fraud

A fraud conviction of any kind can result in severe penalties. EDGT, we defend clients throughout the Western Pennsylvania area charged with bank fraud, mortgage fraud, and real estate fraud. We are equipped to handle this area, seeking optimal results on behalf of clients facing charges.
We understand the nature of both state and federal fraud charges. Contacts us today at 412-281-5336 or toll free at 877-900-5336 if you have been charged with a crime.

Bank Fraud

EDGT represents people who have obtained bank loans by submitting false information, and been charged with bank fraud. Most often, a private individual is charged with bank fraud, but it is not uncommon for a bank employee to also be accused of involvement. Bribery is often involved.

Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud is becoming more common since the housing crisis began. If you have been accused of providing false information to obtain a loan, over-reporting assets, or misrepresentation, contact a fraud defense attorney as soon as possible. If convicted of commercial or residential mortgage fraud, you may be facing serious penalties including prison time.

Real Estate Fraud

Are you the buyer or seller of property, accused of real estate fraud? Our firm has legal knowledge as well as outside resources to build a solid defense. Real estate fraud cases require the analysis of financial records and other documents. We have the resources to challenge real estate and contract fraud charges Contact us for more information about our fraud defense practice and an immediate evaluation.

Asset Forfeiture

Asset forfeiture is the process of seizing monetary and personal assets that are obtained through illegal means. Many of these assets are the product of drug crimes, but asset forfeiture can also occur in organized crimes cases, including RICO violations. Our attorneys can assert your rights to protect your family, your home and your security from asset forfeiture. Contact us today for an initial consultation if you or a loved one is facing charges that may lead to asset forfeiture.

Contact us today at: 412-281-5336, Toll Free at 877-900-5336, or click  FREE CONSULTATION for an immediate case evaluation.

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