Chesapeake says blown out Bradford County well spilled 10000 gallons Wastewater

April 13: Chesapeake says blown-out Bradford County well spilled 10,000 gallons of wastewater Friday, 13 May 2011 10:36 Written by Laura Olson Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley spent yesterday morning at the site of Chesapeake well in Bradford County that lost control last month, leaking briny wastewater. The company estimates that 10,000 gallons was spilled at the site. While state environmental officials haven’t released their report on the accident yet, a DEP spokeswoman said the agency’s sampling of a nearby farm pond found “an unknown number” of amphibians died in the pond.

– In the latest round of EPA vs. DEP, federal environmental officials are asking six of the state’s major drillers to explain how they will be handling wastewater following DEP’s request that they stop hauling it to municipal treatment plants. They also wrote to DEP Secretary Michael Krancer, urging that request to be made into a “legally enforceable” rule. The agency says it continues to work with its federal partners.

– Our neighbors in Ohio and New York are taking lessons from Pennsylvania’s experience. Industry representatives told a New York group about how, unlike in Pennsylvania, natural gas is subject to local property taxes. And an Ohio TV station summarizes some of Pennsylvania’s concerns so far about the drilling experience