School Authority Challenged

Mt. Lebanon student’s arrest sparks court case over school authority


Read the above story and then read the comment to the May 21, 2012 amendment to  Rule 163 of Juvenile Porcedure.  The Supreme Court has stepped in and said that schools cannot use the proceedings to discipline sutdents at school.








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People send SMS wishes on the occasion of New Year to wish their friends & loved ones on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, We Chat, Hike and other messengers. New Year 2018 will be celebrated across all around the globe on 1st January to welcome New calendar Year. It is one of the biggest events across the globe which is celebrated in almost every country. We have come up with some awesome Happynewyear-2018 SMS on our blog which you can send to your friends. New Year celebrations start after the Christmas in most of the countries which last until 1st January. Many events are organized in every part of the world and people spend time with their friends & loved ones.If you people are searching for Happy New Year 2018 SMS to wish your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, We Chat, Hike and other social messengers, then you can send these New Year SMS to wish them all.

When no one is there with me, you are sure to come and hold my hand.when no one is near, you are sitting beside me to comfort me.Lots of lovely kisses and hugs for New Year!Before anyone wishes you, my new year wishes come to you to wish you all the happiness in the world!New Year Greetings with tons of love and care!In the New Year, may you make new friends and retain the old; Build new memories and cherish the old; Acquire new knowledge and use the old; Make new investments and build the old; Go to new places and not forget the old.Have a beautiful New Year!

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New year comes again and again to spread the spirit and celebration have a wonderful New Year party and Happy New Year with joy and peace year comes to give us a fresh hope, For a better future and successes Year gives us dream for that will face challenges with confidence On this new year may your dreams and hopes Succeed with the blessings of god Happy New Year Wallpapers and Seasons greetings?efore the calendar ?urns a ?ew leaf ?ver SMS

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New Year’s is the time to forget all your fears, drink a few beers, leave behind all your tears… so be merry and have happy New Year.

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Glad New Year 2018 for everyone! The New Year is about fresh starts and new desires in every last person’s life. On the eve of Happy New Year, individuals can praise this incredible celebration with their companions, relatives, and relatives. It is the greatest day wherein you can demonstrate your adoration, love, and care towards your companions and other relatives. You can guarantee your relationship by sending the best Happy New Year 2018 Poems to your companions by means of different online networking stages and other texting applications. Check Happy New Year 2018 Poems underneath.

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Individuals can cheer their best and most joyful event on this awesome eve by celebrating with their companions, relatives and other cherishing ones. On this extremely favorable occasion, individuals praise this event with monstrous firecrackers and cut cakes previously the landing of Happy New Year. The evening of 31st December 2016, individuals start their festivals by social occasion every one of their companions, relatives at one place. A few people basically remain at their home without moving out on this unique event. A large portion of the general population cherish praising this eve by respecting the Best Happy New Year 2018 just by staying at their habitation.

New Year is a period for festivity,

of affection, of life, of Friendship,

In this way, it is an ideal opportunity to express gratitude toward God,

for the awesome companions,

also, to convey to their lives,

as much enchantment as they convey to our own,

Have an upbeat and a noteworthy occasion!

May the soul of the period of,

New year fill your heart,

with tranquility and peace,

Wish you an upbeat new year!

Essentially discover that life is a Book,

Ordinary is another Page,

Consistently is another Chapter,


Consistently is another Series!

I would state upbeat new year yet it’s not cheerful;

It’s precisely the same as a year ago with the exception of colder,

My Wishes in 2018,

God gives You,

12 Month of Happiness,

52 Weeks of Fun,

365 Days Success,

8760 Hours Good Health,

52600 Minutes Good Luck,

3153600 Seconds of Joy..and there’s nothing more to it!

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Some of the time, individuals feel dull and purge in their life and face some most exceedingly bad circumstances. Be that as it may, on the eve of Happy New Year 2018 Quotes, individuals overlook every one of those tragic minutes and celebrate the event in the most ideal way. Individuals likewise make New Year resolutions on this extraordinary event and attempt to overlook every one of the mix-ups of their adoring ones done in the past and excuse them wholeheartedly. Individuals look for the best to occur in the New Year and send their warm welcome and wishes to their cherishing ones.

Before the brilliant sun sets,

2016’s calender is pulverized,

Furthermore, versatile systems get stuck,

I wish in 2018 each minute is delighted in!


Sitting tight for you, me and my mum

Bliss is going to turn

The new year is there with a ton of chump.

Appreciate the ride

Take the chomp

All is correct

Since it’s another year night.

Delights are coming,

Blooms are blooming,

Bliss is encompassing,

What else you are finding?

Cheerful new year

Holy messengers in the sky,

Feathered creatures who fly,

Blooms who timid,

Youngsters who cry,

All are stating farewell.

Happy new year 2018.

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Every one of the minutes went through with our companions,

We need to state bye,

Joy doesn’t end,

Prepare for abundance happiness.

Glad new year.

Give and take,

Give us a chance to celebrate,

Appreciate the heavenly year,

By evacuating the others tear.

The general population who live by hand and mouth,

They are just holding up and yell,

They need to appreciate the trout,

Keep in mind and commend the new year without,

Poor, rich, incapacitate and scout.

Read it once,

Appreciate it twice,

All the unique minutes,

Happy, enchanting and pleasant.

The things which have cleared out,

The feathered creature with a little expectation, sitting on his home,

The new year is coming and close,

Begin and endeavor to accomplish your best.

Begins who twinkle,

Issues who blend,

Step by step instructions to wind up noticeably upbeat,

It’s troublesome in light of the fact that still single.

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  • Desert your stress for beginning once again with breath life into certainty and novel focus on this coming New Year! Be a champ!!!
  • New Year has carried with it heaps of chances to wind up plainly the person you have for the longest time been itching to be.
  • You may look forward to the moving toward New Year with good faith excitement for performing awesome. Cheerful New Year!!!
  • Grin is start of life, hazard is a necessary piece of life, however New Years are brilliant blessing in our lives. Upbeat New Year!!!
  • Continue grinning, overlook tear, have faith in euphoria, don’t review startling memory, hold your silliness, be glad, as it’s new year! Upbeat NEW YEAR…
  • New Year is drawing nearer; we should supplicate hard, the New Year will be filled in peace, satisfaction, and grand ecstasy of caring fellowship.

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Misleading and Frustrating

Dozens of landowners in Western Pennsylvania are angry about gas leases they signed years ago for as little as $3 an acre now that $3,000 an acre is a typical price, but legal experts say they face an uphill battle if they decide to sue.

Industry lawyer Kevin L. Colosimo comes across a new lease lawsuit or the threat of one every week, saying at least dozens may be brewing. More than 100 landowners in Lawrence County have organized, saying they were duped into signing bargain-basement leases on the eve of the region’s gas rush, and they could claim they were defrauded in a lawsuit aimed at sweetening their deals, several group members said.

“The fraud issue is a big issue — it really, really is,” said Carl J. Pernicone, a New York lawyer who wrote an article this year assessing various drilling-related lawsuits that company lawyers should prepare for. “The leasehold issue is certainly a big bone of contention. … So I think that is absolutely a potential area that could be subject to litigation. (That’s) right on target.”

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