Juvenile Lifers and the Supreme Court

Juvenile lifers in Pennsylvania lose appeal to high court

Juvenile Lifers

 Steve Townsend, who represents Christina, who has never had a single misconduct during his nearly 39 years of incarceration with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, was again disappointed in the decision not to take the case Monday.

“At some point in time, they’re going to have to address the issue,” Mr. Townsend said.

“For Cristina, I don’t think it’s over. His appeal isn’t final so there’s still light at the end of the tunnel.”

The rejection is a blow to advocates for as many as 500 inmates across the commonwealth who were sentenced to mandatory life terms before they turned 18, as well as to as many as 2,000 others across the country who were watching to see what might happen if the Supreme Court had heard arguments on Cunningham v. Pennsylvania.

Still, hope remains among attorneys and academics watching the issue, as they believe the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately will have to decide the issue.

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