Recent Cases

Recent Cases Resolved by Thomas Gravina


PennDOT Liability for serious injuries sustained

by a female physician due to poor construction of a PennDOT

controlled road.


PennDOT liability for injuries sustained by a female

passenger due to dangerous, obstructed view

intersection.  Recovery made against both PennDOT

and driver’s insurance company.


Pedestrian accident causing a  tibia plateau fracture and ankle

injuries requiring extensive hardware to repair.

Recovery made against negligent driver

and client’s underinsured carrier.


Pedestrian accident causing tibial plateau fracture.

Rental car insurance company denied coverage

due to driver being unauthorized user of rental

vehicle.  Recovery received under client’s

uninsured automobile insurance benefits.


Dog bite injuries on the arms and legs of an

owner of a small dog that was attacked and

killed by a neighbor’s pitbull while out on a walk.

Recovery made against owner’s homeowner’s

insurance company.


Several dog bites settlements for injuries

sustained to clients when neighborhood

dogs entered the client’s yards   Settlements made against

dog owners’  homeowner’s insurance companies.


Wrongful Death of 62-year old male during

open heart surgery.  Recovery to Estate from

hospital and physician.


Nursing Home neglect in failing to clean Foley

Catheter resulting in infection.  Recovery made for

Deceased client’s estate.


Fall from a hospital bed resulting in hip

fracture of an 83-year old male.  Recovery

from hospital’s insurance company.


Fall on nursing home transit van resulting in

fractured rib and contusions.


Fall on ice causing extensive hip injuries and

Requiring a hip replacement, when employee of

Hospital fell walking to employer transport shuttle.

Recovery made against both Workers’ Compensation

Carrier and owner of parking garage.


Fall down on sidewalk at a nationally known grocery

store causing  a broken tooth and hand and leg injuries.


Fall down at a grocery store from liquid being on the floor,

causing injuries to back, legs and wrist.


Fall down in a restaurant due to poor lighting on stairway,

causing hip, leg, and bruised bladder problems for

elderly gentleman.


Settlement against physician for injuries sustained to

client’s neck due to laser treatment, which resulted in a permanent





Settlement against trucking company for rear-end crash

on Parkway, causing soft tissue, back and neck injuries.


Settlement for injuries sustained by client sitting on his

couch in his residence when a car came through the wall.

causing  injuries to his knees and exacerbating previous



Uninsured claim settled by client’s insurance company for

broken hand, 3 broken ribs and facial lacerations.


Settlement to husband and wife clients who sustained serious

injuries to hands, head, neck, back and bladder contusions.

Recovery made against  negligent driver and client’s underinsured



Settlement against owners of a Hawaiian horse riding stable when

Client fell from horse and sustained a broken wrist.


Settlement against police department for injuries

to client while in custody due to excessive force and aggression

of police officer, causing a fractured orbital facial bone.


Multiple motor vehicle accident settlements for soft tissue/

whiplash injuries