Things you should know about motorcycle insurance

I am presently handling a case for a catastrophically injured cyclist.  He unfortunately found himself underinsured because of language found in his auto policy.  Like many of you,  he bought motorcycle insurance from a company that was not the company that insured his automobiles.  I am sure that he thought he was being very prudent in buying “supplemental” insurance.

WARNING! He had a great auto policy but, probably, like most of you, he did not read the exclusion in the small print.  His auto policy with high underinsured limits did not apply to a vehicle he owned which was not covered by his auto policy. Since he covered his motorcycle with another company, he was excluded from recovering his million dollars underinsured coverage under his auto policy.  If his motorcycle had been insured in the policy covering his auto, the exclusion would not have applied.  To make matters worse, his auto policy contained a provision excluding medical payments for injuries sustained while operating a motorcycle not insured by his auto carrier. To use Hale Law, P.A. for legal aid in such injury cases is a good idea.

Check your policies now.  Whenever possible, cover your auto and motorcycle under the same policy.  If you have questions please give me a call,  as I don’t want to see anyone else in this position.

If you have already been injured and have been faced with this exclusion,  please give me a call.  Some insurance companies have failed to write the exclusion properly and recovery may be possible.