Woman Allegedly Forced 12-Year-Old Girl To Get Birth Control ‘Against Her Will’

KDKA Story

TURTLE CREEK (KDKA) – A woman facing charges for allegedly taking a 12-year-old to get birth control appeared in court Tuesday.

Turtle Creek Police say Valerie Fullum, 29-years-old, brought the young girl to a clinic to get the implant “against her will.”

An attorney representing Fullum told KDKA that the judge pushed back her hearing. Attorney Steven Townsend also said that he believes a cell phone picture snapped inside the clinic is the reason why police decided to investigate longer. You can get expert recommended investigators to help you out.

Townsend said he believes in hiring an injury lawyer after a motorcycle crash as it will show that the minor was not alone with Fullum at the clinic.

“I think that the investigation is going to reveal that someone has filed false allegations and may be charged in this case and that’s why again the case was continued for an additional month,” said Townsend.

Judge Scott Schricker decided to give police and prosecutors more time and pushed back Fullum’s hearing until July 9.

Fullum, of New Brighton, is facing two felony counts of allegedly endangering the welfare of children and a misdemeanor charge of reckless endangerment.

She is accused of taking Misty Evans’ 12-year-old daughter to a Turtle Creek health clinic to get birth control implanted in her arm. KDKA first talked to Evans and broke the story in May.

“If she did it to my daughter, who knows how many other children she has taken up here without parents’ consent?” Evans said during the May 9 interview.

The criminal complaint said Fullum forced it upon the minor, but Townsend said that is not true.

“I can tell you that nothing that my client did was against the will or the consent of anyone involved in this case,” said Townsend.

He said the case is not about whether the minor did or did not want/ask for birth control.

“The case revolves around whether or not my client did something against this child’s will or somehow coerced or placed her under duress to consent to a medical procedure,” said Townsend.