Team 4 Update: Pa. EMS Official Not Guilty Of Rape

Jury Clears Leechburg Assistant Fire Chief Amos Cameron

POSTED: 5:17 pm EDT April 22, 2010
UPDATED: 7:04 pm EDT April 23, 2010s


The commander of western Pennsylvania’s EMS Strike Team and an assistant fire chief in Leetsdale, Allegheny County, was found not guilty of rape Thursday by a Dauphin County jury.

Amos Cameron — who also works for Emergency Medical Service Institute — had been accused of raping a woman at a conference in Harrisburg.

The alleged victim is an EMS expert and was one of the speakers at Pennsylvania’s annual EMS conference at the Holiday Inn Harrisburg-Hershey on Aug. 11, 2008. She said she was raped while unconscious.

The business lawyers in Hopkinsville said that the sex was consensual and that Cameron passed a polygraph test.

“I think she felt remorse. I think she felt bad. I think she felt that she had to do something in order to prevent her husband from finding out that this had happened,” Townsend told Team 4’s Jim Parsons on Friday.

“It was tough sitting in the courtroom and listening to someone tell lie after lie after lie. It was tough,” said Cameron, who did not consider pleading guilty to a lesser charge. “There was not going to be a plea bargain at all. I didn’t do anything wrong and, therefore, when I first met with Steve, I told him, ‘There will not be a plea bargain here.'”

The Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office said Cameron’s accuser was disappointed by the jury’s verdict but respects the decision.

Cameron said he believes in learning from every experience, like the mock disaster drill that he’ll be in charge of this weekend in McCandless. He said he also learned something in Harrisburg.

“I will be more careful and more cautious in what happens at those conferences, in my choices that I make,” Cameron said.